We are supporting the Elsa Research group that is completing a study on Type 1 Diabetes in children. If your child is a patient at Meon Medical Centre, you may receive a text from us inviting participation. 

Thank you !



Why Is Research Important?

NHS Constitution states that Research is a core function of the NHS.

  • Clinical research is a major driver of innovation and central to NHS practice for maintaining and developing high standards of patient care.

Ultimately, clinical research means:

  • patients get access to new treatments, interventions and medicines.
  • Investment in research means better, more cost effective care for patients.

The benefits to us as a GP practice are:

  • It offers patients access to new treatments and more choices
  • It brings new dimension to practice and added skills to those involved
  • It provides national gold standard training for research
  • It brings in extra income

Who We Are? 

  • Alcester Health Centre
  • St. Wulfstan Surgery
  • Meon Medical Centre
  • Budbrooke Medical Centre
  • Kineton And Tysoe Surgeries

Our History?

  • Each practice worked independently in delivering research in partnership with the NIHR clinical research network (CRN).
  • The CRN incentivise us to undertake research by funding certain activities and providing one off payments for each study.
  • About 8 years ago our practices met to see how they could grow and deliver research as group still in partnership with the crn butalso to get involved in commercial research.
  • At the same time, the CRN offered an opportunity for groups of practices to bid for extra funding to deliver research as a groupto enhance research delivery.
  • We were successful at securing this funding and have been working together since.

Not a legal entity but DSAs in place 
research manager to oversee research delivery 

Our Offering?

  • A group of like-minded practices dedicated to embracing researchopportunities to increase the number of choices for patients and at thesame time clinically advancing, training and continuously learning.
  • Access to a combined practice population of 27k who are willing toparticipate in research.
  • All practices owned and led by general practitioners with years ofgeneral practice and research experience.
  • Experienced research teams at each site.
  • Dedicated research space and equipment.
  • Increasing national reputation for delivering primary research at scale.

SWRP Microsoft Teams Current Academic Studies

SWRP MICROSOFT TEAMS - Commercial Studies 

Open Studies :

Expression of interest submitted for 12 studies in last 6 months 

3 companies /studies interested 

TRAU 53526 PICO PROTECT - user acceptability and performance of a non-registered negative pressure wound therapy  device – on hold while they carry our further testing on the dressing 

NEUR 46530 MITSUI Lumishade - to evaluate the performance of the Lumishade® Lens with Frame in alleviating the symptoms of photosensitive migraine – in set up, signed NDAs and model contracts received 

RENA 46267 Cam-Cath-001- to assess the impact of a catheter coating on clinical bacteriuria in patients that require catheterization – met with sponsor 14/2/23 

Expression of interest declined for 7 studies in last 6 months 

The Future

Run more studies as a group (we are developing this model of delivery) 


  • DiscoverMe
  • TIP

Get accepted to run more commercial research: 

  • More income
  • Increase reputation
  • Collaboration with secondary care
  • SWFT and SWRP pilot study - FREMS