The VASA Volunteer Drivers Service

Patients are eligible to use our voluntary transport service for help in getting to Hospitals, GP surgeries, podiatrists, opticians, dentist etc (anything health related)

Also transport to visit relatives in hospitals or care homes, lunch clubs, exercise classes for Parkinson’s etc.

And we also provide transport to dementia day care settings.

Unfortunately, we cannot do shopping or trips into town or hairdressers etc

ALL passengers need to be independent enough to get in and out of a standard car with little or NO assistance from the volunteer.

They can give support in the form of - an arm to help passengers from their front door to car and into their appointment. Our Volunteers use their own vehicles, so unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.

Passengers can bring along a relative/carer to help them if necessary (and take on the responsibility of their mobility)

Foldable wheelchairs that can go in the boot are ok, Unfortunately WE CANNOT help people transfer from wheelchairs into vehicles-as our volunteers are not specifically trained and many are elderly themselves.

Please note, we are still following public health guidelines, and as such the following rules will apply for passengers and the volunteer driver’s safety.

1, All passengers must use a face covering, which we can provide. (If they cannot wear a mask unfortunately, they won’t be able to use our service)

2, Passengers are encouraged to sit in the back seat of the vehicle, however, can sit in the front if requested and driver is happy with that.

If they need more support than our volunteers can offer, please contact the Patient transport service on  01926 310312 For Hospital Trips.

The Community Transport Service is a volunteer led service, with volunteer drivers using their own cars to transport people to medical or social inclusion journeys.

To be registered for the service you must 

  • Be aged over 18 years;
  • Live in Stratford District, Warwick District or Rugby Borough;
  • NOT have regular access to a vehicle  or are unable to use your vehicle due to health issues;
  • Be unable to use public transport or  not have regular public transport where you live;
  • Have no other affordable means of transport;
  • Have any available friends/family or neighbour to help.

Types of Journeys we will undertake.

Health Journey- A visit to the GP, hospital, dentist, optician etc.

Social Inclusion-A trip to a lunch club, a support group, or visiting family or friends in hospital or residential home.

Please note, acceptance of a booking for a volunteer driver doesn’t guarantee a driver for that journey, it’s a ‘request’ which we try our best to fulfil.

 The demand on our service has grown dramatically and our drivers are volunteers who can only commit to certain times.

 We do suggest that you contact us as soon as you know details of the journey you need, and no later than 3/4 days before the journey, to give us a greater chance of matching your journey.

How to request a Journey.

  • Call 01789 262889, option 1, between 9:30am and 3:30pm, Monday to Friday
  • You may also request journeys by email at

We need a minimum of 3/4 days’ notice for all requests.

Journeys must be booked through our office otherwise the journey would not be insured. 

If you like the familiarity of the same volunteer driver you can mention at time of booking, and we can see if they are available for you. 

Types of journey

Wait and Return-where a volunteer waits for a short time and brings you home.

If you are longer than anticipated and the volunteer can’t wait any longer they will come in and let you know that they have to leave, you can phone us and see if we have anyone available to bring you home or you’ll need to find your own way

Any appointment expected to last 2hrs or more is classed as a double journey

Drop off /IN only-perhaps you are being taken in for surgery and don’t require the driver to wait—or you are going to be longer than the allotted 2 hours - a return only journey is booked for later in the day (an additional admin fee applies to a second journey)

Pick up/RETURN only perhaps you have a relative who can take you to day care but they can’t bring you home at the end of the day.

Most journeys take place between office hours. However, some drivers are happy to carry out journeys earlier in the morning and work later in the evening and weekends, and bank holidays, so please phone and we’ll do our best to find a driver for you.


Mileage costs– The cost of a journey is 45p per mile paid to the driver in cash on the day of the journey unless agreed with the office prior to your journey. (Our office does have the facility to take card payments over the phone)

A £3 admin fee is applied to all journeys. (This comes to us as a charity to help us run the service)

The types of journey available are listed overleaf and the mileage charge in all cases begins and ends at the driver's house.  For this reason, we will always try to find a driver who is located as near as possible to you.

MINIMUM CHARGE of £6 (which includes the admin fee (any journey between 0-6 miles)

If claiming benefits-there are two ways to claim your costs back.

1. Ask the driver for a receipt and then use this receipt and complete form HC5(t) if on the qualifying benefits


2. if you are at a hospital where there is a Cash Office you can take your proof of benefits to the office and the receipt from the driver, and they will refund you partlyfor your journey.

They only reimburse you from your address to the hospital and back-you must pay the difference to the driver.

How to cancel a journey

If you need to cancel a journey, please try, and give us at least 24hrs notice to cancel –this can be done by telephoning and leaving a message if out of hours or by email to

VASA retain the right to charge a cancellation fee of £5 per journey to recover costs.

Our Promise to you:

  • We will always do our best to find a  volunteer driver but cannot guarantee any journey. We aim to give you 24/48hrs notice if we are unable to find you one to allow you time to either amend your appointment or find alternative way of getting there.
  • We will always try and find the nearest available driver to you  in order to keep your journey costs to a minimum.
  • All of our volunteer drivers wear ID badges and are insured and have undergone a DBS and reference checks and have their driving licence, MOT and insurances verified annually.
  • Our Staff and volunteers will be polite and respectful and as such we ask for the same in return . Any Passenger found to be abusive will not be able to access the service.
  • We will keep your personal information safe and stored securely in accordance to GDPR legislation

Privacy Notice – Our promises at VASA, we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information to contact you about the service (s) we provide.

We promise to: Always hold your details securely.

  • Only use your personal information to:
  • Provide the service you have requested;
  • Contact you regarding administrative issues e.g., fare increases, wheelchair assessments.
  • Make sure that everything we send is relevant to our services or activities;
  • Send one annual anonymous passenger satisfaction survey which is a contractual requirement;

Not share your data with any third parties unless we are required or permitted to do so by law.

Retain your data for as long as required by law, HMRC rules, our insurance etc. You have a right to see the personal information we hold on you. If you have any concerns over how we are using your personal information, or to make a request to see what personal data we hold about you, please email or call us on 01789 262889.